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Shou Pu er 1999 | Old Tea Trees |

Translation: Pu er is a town in Yunnan Province. The word shou means "cooked," and 1999 is the year of production
Region: Yunnan Province (Xishuangbanna)
Harvest season: April
Gultivar: Yunnan

This Pu er tea, produced through accelerated fermentation, has been aged since its production in 1999. Contrary to Sheng Pu er teas, this aging does not significantly improve the tea, but it replaces the hardness of the young Shou with a softness and roundness. It is sold in cake form (bing),, produced by the Yunnan Tea Company and stored in Hong Kong. It was produced from leaves picked from ancient trees, which is rare for a Shou Pu er tea. The broad leaves have been compressed in the traditional way and separate easily from the cake.

Tasting notes: Softening as they are rinsed, the leaves give off an intense bouquet of peat, roots and sweet potato. A strong animal undertone suggests wet wool. The liquid is a very dark red-brown. The smooth and unctuous mouthfeel has aromas of ripe fig, spruce and Hazy notes of maple wood, brioche and dark chocolate caress the palate. The gentle persistence of burnt sugar and flint soothes the finish.

Recommended infusion method/accessory: The gong fu cha technique and a gaiwan or teapot.