Square Yixing Tea Ware

The square ware appeared late in the ceramic history because its difficult technique of modeling and it could not be made by the hand-throwing method. The porcelain square ware was made by the pieces of clay slice and hatched grafting.

It changed in Jiajing/Longqing Period in Ming Dynasty, the square ware became more and more, such as six-sides, eight-sides, fighting square, square variation, etc. Blue and white twiner pattern square box and the blue and white baby pattern square box were the typical square in Longqing Period, Ming Dynasty.

The sides of the square porcelain were always straight, and could never compared with variation of lines and aspects of the purple clay teapot. Because the square ware modelling developed basic on the full-blown making technique of round ware, it harder to hatched grafting of the clay slices.

Common shape of square ware included the six-sides, four-sides, it rare to see the eight-sides purple clay teapot.