Six-sides Yixing Teapots

Six-sides Yixing Teapots

* Six-sides Dabin teapot, Wanli Period in Ming Dynasty, Shi Dabin made. It unearthed with an inscription noted it belonging to the tomb of Wanli next 44 years Period in Ming Dynasty, in where Dinggou County of Jiangdu in Yangzhou. It can be considered the earliest square teapot in the textual research. The pot body was six-sides, flat shoulder, short neck, pressed roundish cover, added bottom. The total look was boorish and without meticulous processing.

* High six-sides poem teapot made for the king's order, Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty. The pot body and cover are six-sides, turnover shoulder, short neck, knife-edge shape of the cover button, a lip-line around the cover and thick, turnover the bottom, a curl flow-mouth, a circle handle with decorative Ruyi style. Painted and carved the poem written by Emperor Qianlong. So many details processing made this one was so different with any other teapot which made by literati, and got a strong feeling of aulic style.

* Six-sides teapot with lion button for export, Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty, (according to the historical documents, 18th December in Qianlong next 16years, as 3nd January in 1752, a ship which belonged to the Dutch East Indian Company struck on a rock and sank in the South China Sea. 232 years later, it was salvaged out from the sea in 1984) the pot body was six-sides round shape, fat shoulder and short neck, six roundish feet, a sidelong on the cover and convex in the middle, lion shaped button, it should be had a decoration in front of the lion, but broken. Three curl square flow-mouth set on the middle of belly, square handle with a button upside. People in China always considered the lion as the king of the wild lives, so they always use the lion decoration to keep safe and doctors away, and some meanings of everything goes well.

* Six-sides straight body teapot with loop handle, Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty, Xu Bojun made. The shape is six-sides, flat shoulder, six-sides short neck and high joint button, with three curl flow-mouth. The shape is similar to the six-sides Dabin teapot, but this one is much more exquisite than that one.

* Six-sides ball teapot, Xianfeng/Tongzhi Periods in Qing Dynasty, Ming Yuan carved characters.this style is similar to the ball teapot except for its six-sides.

* Six-sides narcissus petals pattern teapot, Late-Ming Dynasty, Shi Peng made the inscription. This one should not belong to the Shi Peng's work, because the shape, modelling, clay materials were not the characteristic of late-Ming Dynasty. But this one is the best work in the chopsticks pattern ware which combined with the square ware. The convex part of belly formed the chopsticks pattern up to the top of cover, short flow-mouth, circle handle with a button at the top, it meaningful and interesting,embodying the whole function of this ware.

* Monk's hat teapot, Modern time, Gu Jingzhou made.The pot body is six-sides,fat shoulder,high neck,six lotus petals on the top of the cover, one petal is the flow-mouth looks like a duck mouth, a little convergent underbelly. This shape came fron the monk's hat in Yuan Dynasty, then made by purple clay, changed the round into square, it is the most difficulty modelling in the square teapots. This one made by Gu Jingzhou which imitated the ancestors' work, with a few differences.

* Xue Hua teapot, Modem time, Gu Jingzhou made. The pot body is six-sides, turnover shoulder, short neck, all of them are six-sides mouth, convex cover, three curl flow-mouth, added bottom, square handle. The whole shape is six hexagon added alyer by layer when look out upon the teapot And it forms a contrast with the simple belly.

* Well railing six-sides teapot, Modem time, Zhou Guizhen made. The pot body is six-sides, small upside and big underpart, every side is the straight line, plane surface of every side. Turnover the shoulder, roundish mouth, convex cover and bridge pattern button, small curl six-sides flow-mouth and a little exaggerated circle handle. The whole shape is simple and clean.

* Bronze stone roller shape of six-sides teapot, Modern time, Shi Xiaoma made. The pot body is six-sides, the upside of belly is a little convergent. square corner, flat shoulder, six-sides mouth, bridge pattern button, curl six-sides flow-mouth, circle roundish handle. The whole shape is simple and clean, the change of lines is clear.