Tao's Palace Is Famous For Picking Tea Qingcheng Tao Tea Is Fragrant With Flowers

Tao's Palace Is Famous For Picking Tea Qingcheng Tao Tea Is Fragrant With Flowers

  • Producing record of the famous Tao tea that has been lost for thousands of year.

Qingcheng Tao Tea is the masterwork of the tea in Qingcheng Mountain, and it has centuries - old history and rich cultural details. Conforming to the last wish of master Fu Yuantian, former chairman of China Taoism Association, Xu Jinhua and An Maocheng (tea producing celebrities in Sichuan province) had experienced 8 years of manufacturing, and finally made Qingcheng Tao Tea emerge again.

Before tea producing, Shangqing palace was filled with burning incense, and no voice could be heard. Emcee Zheng Xue devoutly worshiped ancestors. After washing his hand, he led his disciple to the tea field. It had noticed that emcee Zheng and his disciples picked both leaves and their tender caudex, however,usually only leaves should be picked when tea producing. One hour later, collected tea filled up baskets. Then, they came to the workshop, and stir-fried the tea on the earthen kitchen range. After igniting bavin and boiler roasting, Taoists poured the tea into the boiler, and beat up constantly by hands. When water contained in tea reached the level required, Taoist stir-frying tea let spectators out of the workshop. Before long, fresh tea were sent to the Jianfu palace.

Zhang Mingxin, the chairman of Taoism Association in Qingcheng mountain, said that the Tao Tea that had been successfully produced not only kept the cultural details of original Qingcheng Tao Tea, but also endowed the tea new Taoist cultural connotation in form and quality, and its Taiji form just validated the Taoist saying that God combines with Human.

"In the light of the directions given by chairman Zhang, considering the soil conditions around tea plants, selecting and arranging breeds, traits and seasons of picking tea-leaves, craftworks of producing and steeping tea, at the same time, strictly following traditional Taoist method, we manufactured repeatedly, and at last exploited traditional Qingcheng Tao Tea." An Maocheng, one producer of Qingcheng Tao Tea, said, "Comely form of Qingcheng Tao Tea is just like a sword, and the tea is able to bear long time steeping with bluish green color. It is a kind of green beverage with the characteristics of Taoism."