The Senchado Brewing Method

The Senchado Brewing Method

Senchado is a tea-brewing method that concentrates the aromas of higher-quality teas, such as Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha. Just like the gong fu cha technique by gongfu tea sets, this method consists of several successive infusions using the same leaves so that new flavors develop in each brew.

Here are the main steps:

• Prepare and heat the teapot and other utensils required.

• Place the tea leaves in the heated teapot Use 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons (5 to 10 ml) of tea leaves.

• Pour the water onto the leaves. For best results, ensure the water is between 150 and 167°F (65 to 75°C). To accomplish this, instead of pouring the water directly onto the leaves, it can be poured into a small bowl (one bowl per person) to cool a little. Water cools by about 50°F (10°C) when it is poured into a cold bowl. Using a bowl also ensures that the quantity of water poured onto the leaves will be exactly right.

• Wart approximately 30 seconds. The first infusion is the longest as the leaves are not yet moist. Pour the contents of the teapot into the bowl. If you are serving several guests, ensure that the same amount of liquid is poured into each bowl by pouring a little at a time. Empty the teapot completely, or the tea will continue to steep.

• Taste.

• Proceed to the next infusion in the same way. The subsequent infusions should be shorter.