The Tea For Four Seasons

The Tea For Four Seasons

China has six different types of tea: red tea; green tea; white tea; black tea; yellow tea and greenish tea. Teas have different types and processing procedure are different too, hence, every tea has its own unique character. Drinking various types of tea by glass tea set in different seasons will elaborate its own superiority.

One says, in summer drinking white tea that has "cool" characteristic. At autumn, drinking green tea is the best choice; the green tea has warm and mild character. Oolong tea is better for winter; the Oolong is "hot" that can warm your body. Red tea and yellow tea are great for spring. The black tea is daily drink for national minorities.

Another tea drinking theory from Chinese medical book, drinking flower preserved tea in spring will help to drive "cold spirit" away from human body. Drinking green tea in summer relieves heat. Greenish tea is better for autumn, which takes rest of summer heat way. In winter, drinking red tea will help human body to resist cold weather.

Both of theories look different but drinking teas are good at ourbodies, which is well-known fact. The following paragraphs give you some ideas to DIY health tea for yourself.

Salt-Tea: Green tea and some salt. Making salt-tea by using boiling water. Drinking it daily is to diminish inflammation, bright eyes and reduce phlegm etc.

Honey Tea: Using boiling water to make tea. adding teaspoon honey after cool done. Having honey tea after lunch and dinner will nourish five viscera, benefit kidney and improve vigour and energy. Date Tea: Taking 10 pieces of Chinese red date and cook deeply, adding red sugar and pure into red tea, and drinking it after all. The date tea can increase body blood supply and flush spleen etc. The date-tea is great for young children and the elders.