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The Third Spring in Mt. Huqiu

The Third Spring is in the Huqiu Temple at the foot of Mt. Huqiu in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is one of the top scenic spots in Mt. Huqiu. Also called Mt. Haiyong, Mt. Huqiu derives its name from its shape like a crouching tiger (Hu: tiger; Qiu: hill). According to historical records, Lu Yu once lived in Mt. Huqiu and found that the Huqiu Spring was clear and sweet. He dug a well in Mt. Huqiu, which was later called Lu Yu Well. The Huqiu Spring was ranked the fifth best by Lu Yu and the third best by Liu Bochu. Therefore, the Huqiu Spring is also praised as the Third Spring in the world.

Now, the Third Spring in the Huqiu Temple is an ancient stone well with a rectangular mouth surrounded by rocks. Though over 1,200 years old, the well still produces clear water and remains watery all the year round. The well is surrounded by many scenic spots, including the ancient relics such as the Sword Pond, One-thousand-people Rock, and Pavilion of Cold Fragrance, and famous structures such as the Huqiu Tower, Tomb of King He Lu, and Two-immortal Pavilion. Together with the surrounding mountainous views, the site is like a beautiful landscape painting.