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Tea lounges are found in elegant hotels, quality shopping malls and the best shops and boulevards. You may also discover one in a small street, perhaps hidden up a picturesque lane, or at the top of a city skyscraper. In short, your chances of finding a connoisseur's cup of tea are growing daily - it's just a question of knowing where to look.

At heart, a tea lounge is a place to celebrate all that is good about tea. They are cathedrals in which this humble plant is worshipped, with every sip being relished by people who fully appreciate all that it represents. Tea lounges are places in which we can pause from the hustle and bustle of the world, take stock and enjoy the company of those we love. Or, if we prefer, we can visit them incognito, grabbing a few precious moments alone to reflect on our place in the universe. In some establishments, it's possible to buy food that complements the rich flavours of the tea. And in all tea lounges, you'll be given expert and enthusiastic guidance by the staff who may well tempt you to try a hitherto undiscovered variety of your favourite drink.

People of all ages and backgrounds now frequent tea lounges, from the passionate aficionado to the interested interloper. And they'll come with a variety of purposes in mind: to prepare for a business meeting, read the paper, flirt or simply watch the world go by.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you're doing, a tea lounge offers reassurance, a warm welcome and the chance to relax. You'll leave feeling refreshed and renewed -and, quite possibly, just a little wiser about this strange old planet we live on.