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Wonderful Ending of the Tea Expo Guangzhou Stimulate! Tea Market Expansion in China

By Chen Yunwei

The Tea Expo Guangzhou, which took place for four days, has ended successfully at the China Import and Export Fair, Pazhou, Guangzhou.

The Tea Expo Guangzhou 2010 covered an exhibition area of 50 thousand SQ. M. while 1300 international standard booths were set inside the fairground. Moreover, over 600 top tea corporations do exhibited at the Expo, They came from 20 province in Mainland China and 10 nations all over the world. In accordance with the fore-mentioned statistics, the number of exhibitors in 2010 was up 30% in comparison with that in the year 2009.

As reported by media and news agencies in China, the Tea Expo Guangzhou will be accredited as "World's Number One Tea Expo" because of its exhibition scale and vast brand influence In China.

Through the perception of global tea industry, the global tea market economy and the market consumption are tended to year-on-year increase. In 2009, global tea leaf output reached 3.93 million tons and consumption volume reached 3.81 million tom. In 2010, the tea leaf output has reached to 1.4 million tons, which ranks the first in the world, while the export volume reached 30.24 thousand tons, which ranks the second.

Since it is known that Guangzhou has always been the dominant city of trade and commerce in China, China s largest tea markets are sited in the fever business areas of it. The business amount of tea industry in Guangzhou is over 15 billion Yuan per year.

As the city of Guangzhou is reputed to be the biggest tea market nationwide, the Tea Expo Guangzhou has become one where global tea merchants seek business opportunities. Visitors come from not only Mainland China, but Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; also from USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Britain, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kenya, Australia and more than hundreds of nations in the world. As a result, the Tea Expo Guangzhou has built up a business platform linking both buyers and sellers, while it has disclosed a vast space of market profit and prosperity for the Chinese tea industry.

Each time when the Tea Expo is held, 6 categories of Chinese tea are exhibited in the fairground. These teas are not only healthy for the body but the taste of them is fantastical.

During the Expo, fair organizer invited well-known tea industry professionals, association officials and top corporate leaders to participate in forums, seminars, events and other promotion about tea market perception and trends. Meanwhile, themed forums such as "Chinese Tea Marketing Forum" took place. In addition, the title of "the Market Trends of Chinese Tea Industry and its Marketing Strategy" was discussed for the purpose of exploratory growth in the Global tea market.

In the forum above, it is said that the marketing strategies of tea industry in 2011 are, providing high-quality tea products with competitive prices, censoring and controlling the quality of raw materials, establishing a cost-efficient supply chain, sculpturing tea brands and making innovations on tea products.

Besides that, there are two ideas about innovation, which was stated by Mr. Zhao, the marketing director of China Tea Holdings Limited; The first idea is to seek specific sales channels. Since China has ten tea planting regions including Taiwan, tea merchants are aiming to offer fine quality teas to consumers not only from the said regions but from other countries as well. Furthermore, selling teas that are adapted to varied fields of consumers is one of the main strategies for tea merchants. Eventually, market positioning shall also be taken into consideration in the future development of the Chinese tea industry. The second idea is to introduce tea products into supermarkets, retail stores or chain stores. The goal of adapting this idea is to let more consumers experience Chinese tea.

In conclusion, the Tea Expo Guangzhou is going to take place during the spring and autumn seasons in 2011, While the date of Tea Expo Guangzhou in spring season is from May 26th to 30th in the Continental Centre (by the right side of Canton Fair Area Cooperation) and the autumn season is from November 24th to 27th, at China Import and Export Fair, Pazhou, Guangzhou.