Cast Iron Tea Sets

It is originated in ancient China, and then populated in Japan. In recent years, with the Chinese folk craft and traditional processing have become more and more elaborate,the series of Cast Iron Tea Set are also becoming more diverse, various and colorful. At the same time, its processing tend to be perfect. In addition,The Cast Iron Tea Set is very popular in Europe, the United States and southeast Asia. As its perfectly blended with the"Chinese Gongfu tea culture" based on historical background with modern health concept of "iron": An iron pot with the style of simplicity and elegant plus a cup of sweet tea plus an iron powder added, which is undoubtedly a Cast Iron Tea Set with the concept of "environmental protection - green - health."

1. The surface of Cast Iron Tea Set mainly adopt archaize processing layer coated with full color or silvery, bronze polishing and etc. As its need about 300 degrees treatment after archaize processing layer, the layer may have the phenomenon with mild floating color. So in the process, please pay more attention to point as following:

a. Can't use hard objects to rub its surface, otherwise, the coating color would be damaged.

b. The color of the coating own a heavy metal content detection qualified certificate, issued by International testing center SGS and INTERTEK. It is absolutely harmless to the human body.

c. The coating color of teapot will be more solid and brightness, if you could wash it with ten times and then dry with a soft cloth.

2. Black enamel technology is adopted in processing the inside of Cast Iron Tea Set, which not only has the effect in anti-rust and also have a few of benefits as following:

a. In the process of boiling or brewing tea, iron teapot could breaks down the elements of Fe2 +, which is doublet to increase the carrier of human hemoglobin, providing iron to the human body people needed. Very suitable for the anemia crowd with iron deficiency.

b. If you could use Cast Iron Tea Set in long-term, which can adjust central nervous, achieve smoothing effect, and also balance the endocrine system.

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