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Glass Tea Cups

Glass tea cups are elegant and luxurious; adored for their transparency and soft and smooth texture. If you are aiming to add elegance, grace, and beauty to your tea table, glass tea cups are an ideal choice for you!

High borosilicate glass cups are crafted at a heated temperature, melted, cooled, and molded into exquisite shapes and designs. These glass tea cups are famous both for their artistic value and practical use. While a glass tea cup's crystal clear display lures you into the beauty of glassware, be mindful of its fragile nature.

Glass Tea Cup

In this article, we will learn what makes a glass teacup unique, why it is sought after, and how you can keep it clean to increase its lifespan.

Let's delve into the world of glassware!

Glass Tea Cup

What Are Glass Tea Cups

Tea cups are essential for our daily lives, especially if your daily routine includes multiple tea sessions. Glass tea cups serve as a vessel to enjoy the beverage of your liking with a touch of elegance.

A glass tea cup is manufactured with intricate artistry and precision engineering. The transformative journey of a glass tea cup from molten sand to a refined glass cup is astonishing.

Glass tea cups are crafted using raw materials such as silica sand, soda ash, and limestone. These fundamental contents are made to pass through high temperatures and refined to facilitate the glass-making process.

Sometimes additives are added to elevate the aesthetics and special properties of the glassware. For instance, boron compounds used to make high-borosilicate glass tea cups are highly durable and heat-resistant due to the thermal and mechanical properties of boron compounds.

Similarly, some crystal glass tea cups are made by firing high borosilicate glass at an extreme temperature and shaped into a highly clear and exquisite glass cup.

Glass Tea Cup

Advantages of Glass Tea Cups

Glass tea cups are the ultimate solution for tea enthusiasts who also want to visually enjoy the tea brewing process. Let's learn how a glass tea cup adds value to your tea ceremonies and highlight the advantages of these tea cups.

Modern Design

Over the years, glass tea cups have gained popularity for having an elegant and modern design. The sleek outlook and plain texture of a glass tea cup add to the beauty of the tea table during tea gatherings.

These glass tea cups are designed and manufactured with a detail-oriented glass-making procedure with intricate techniques. Ultimately, they are shaped into a wide range of designs - all sleek and modern-looking.

For example, crystal glass tea cups are adored for their artistry and practical use. A crystal glass tea cup is crafted with high borosilicate glass fired at a high temperature of over 600 degrees. The final product is classy, clear, and fancy suitable for luxurious tea gatherings.

Most importantly, the hand-made blow-hole technique used in manufacturing these tea cups provides a flawless contour and accurate dimensions.

Retains Heat

Glass tea cups have a single or double-layered structure. These layers speak for the heat-retaining property of borosilicate glass tea cups. A double-walled glass tea cup is thicker but significantly lighter in weight than ceramic tea cups.

Moreover, heat-resistant borosilicate glass tea cups are designed in a way that makes them suitable for microwave use. Feel free to pour a hot drink as these glass cups can retain heat within and prevent any shattering or cracking from the high temperature.

The thick walls ensure outstanding toughness and prolonged durability. In short, the thick-walled double-layered insulated glass is one of the best choices for hot coffee or tea drinks.

Non-Porous Medium

Unlike tea cups made using ceramic clay as a raw material, glass tea cups are heated enough to make a non-porous medium. This type of medium allows you to enjoy the original taste of your drink without any added flavors.

In the end, it all comes down to the way a glass tea cup is engineered. The non-porous nature of these glass cups prevents the tea contents from being absorbed providing a new and authentic tea experience with each use. This also helps keep odor at bay!

Environmental Friendly

High borosilicate glass and crystal glass tea cups offer an environment-friendly alternative to indulging in a cup of tea. These glass cups are made using natural materials that are non-toxic to the environment.

In contrast, stoneware tea cups have toxic content that can leach into the environment during scrubbing. Glass tea cups are also easy to use, and super easy to clean in a dishwasher making them even more eco-friendly.


Unlike stainless steel tea cups, high borosilicate glass cups are water-resistant. Their outstanding water resistance protects glass material from corrosion. This property ensures long-term use of your glass tea set which makes them more sustainable.

Most importantly, since they are corrosion-resistant, you don't have to deep clean these teacups. Just make sure to rinse and clean them thoroughly so no residue is left to scratch as scratching and scrubbing can damage the glass surface.


The soft medium and plain texture of glass tea cups makes the whole cleaning process a breeze. Their anti-stick, smooth surface and anti-porous nature are the dreams of every tea lover. These qualities make you worry less and enjoy more.

Glass Tea Cup

How to Clean Glass Tea Cups

For all the everyday tea lovers and tea enthusiasts, cleaning is a big hassle. We understand cleaning requires a lot of effort and if you drink tea every day, it might seem like a tiring task.

But worry no more! We have gathered some tips and tricks on how to clean glass tea cups so the cleaning process doesn't take much time and you can satisfy your tea cravings without any additional worries.

Let's learn some unique ways to clean glass tea cups.

Immediately Rinse The Tea Cup

Glass tea cups are cherished for their transparency and clear nature. However, the same property can transform your good tea experience into bad when your eyes catch the brown tea stains forming inside the glass tea cups.

With time these stains can continue to darken and dry up inside the cup. To avoid that from happening, make sure to immediately rinse the tea cup after every use. This will prevent tea residues from sticking inside making the cleaning process easier and quicker.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Stains

You can use baking soda to clean high borosilicate or crystal glass cups. Simply, pour some clean water inside the cup so any tea residue or stain is washed away with water.

Next, sprinkle a pinch or a quarter cup of baking soda into the cup when the inside walls are still wet, take whatever amount you want to use. Baking soda will absorb the stains leaving no marks on the surface.

Make sure to evenly spread baking soda in the glass tea cup by turning it sideways and rotating it. Then soak it in the mixture for a while and give it time to absorb and remove the stains. After a few minutes, use a towel or sponge to gently wipe off the baking soda, scrubbing off the stains with it.

Wash it thoroughly with water so you don't taste baking soda with your next tea session.

Using Vinegar And Salt

Mixing vinegar with salt to remove tea stains from glass cups is another useful method to clean tea cups. Pour vinegar inside the cup and sprinkle some salt on top. Repeat the same spreading and rotating maneuver to clean the insides. Or you can make a paste by mixing vinegar with salt which acts like an abrasive and gently scrub the tea stains. If you want you can also use salt and lemon to wipe off any tea residue.

In the end, make sure to use a soft cloth and scrub away the mixture using a circular motion. Wash and rinse with water!

Squeeze Toothpaste

If you don't want to go through the hassle of making creamy pastes or mixing different contents, simply squeeze some toothpaste on your glass tea cup surface and scrub it with a soft-bristled brush.

The toothpaste will act as a medium to absorb and remove tea stains. You can use a sponge or toothbrush to clean the walls afterward.

Air-dry After Cleaning

Make sure to air-dry your tea cup after thoroughly washing it in water before putting it back on the shelf. This will prevent any germs or bad odor from developing in the cup.

If need be, wipe the inside of the cups with a clean cloth till all the water drops and tea stains are wiped off. Repeat the same maneuver for the outside walls and leave them in an open space for some time.

Glass Tea Cup

Sum Up

Glass tea cups offer a unique tea experience that also visually appeals to the eyes. The sweet dance of tea leaves and colorful tea extract mixed with water enhance your tea experience with every tea gathering.

Umi tea sets offer a broad range of glassware collections, varying from crystal glass tea cups to high borosilicate glass. These teacups are the epitome of artistry and perfectionism. If you are a devoted tea lover and want to invest in glass tea cups, check out the website and invest in whatever appeals to your eyes!