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Herbal Tea

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About Herbal Tea

Firstly, the herbal tea is spread from Europe. And the herbal tea we called in general is especially for those vanilla drinks which do not contain any tea ingredients. So the herbal tea is actually does not contain the composition of tea leaves. In English, the word "Herb" is shifted from the word "erba" in Latin, originated in the old words of the Mediterranean. It just has the meaning of grass. In china, we often translate it into the meaning of "herbs" or "flowers". And said rightly, the herbal tea is a kind of herbs beverage which pick roots, stems, leaves, twigs, fruits or skins and so on to as part of material. And made it by the steps of harvesting, drying, processing and then to boiling or brewing. And of course, the herbs has popularized for its fragrance, irritating, and other benefits since ancient time. So after drying, one could store the whole or part of it to use it in later time. And as for its function, the herbal will also could not let you down as it has the effect of keeping beauty, fitness, health care and so on.

In addition, with the varieties of herbal tea, its characteristics is also of widely distinctive. So when drinking, one must make clear of the pharmacological, efficacy, features, only in this way could give full play to the health care function of the herbal tea. As we all know that we are pursuing advocate green, environmental protection at now. So the herbal tea has brought the conception of good tea to people as "Return to nature, enjoy the health."

And of course, those people who love to drink herbal tea deeply also have many reasons. In addition to the hope that it have effect in toning the body, but also because it can deliver pure and elegant romantic feelings. We have lived in the lane city for a long time. So we are full of aspiration for the leisure of rural atmosphere. And just as we always said that we had drunk too many coffee, strong tea, and even the sweet greasy soda flavor. So is there anyone do not want to have some herbal tea with simple and easy to alleviate the pressure of life? And now, let us has an imagine, drinking a cup of refreshing lemon tea in the morning. And in the anxious afternoon, brewing a cup of lavender tea for your self to relax the taut nerve, which absolutely will make you feel good, breath well and looks better. Just as immersed in the breath of field, walking in the nature.

Let Herbal Tea be your medicine

Tea for reducing tiredness

Suitable crowds: physical workers

Materials: 5 grams of Pu'er tea, 7 granules of Chinese wolfberry, and 2 to 3 petals of dry chrysanthemum.

Brewing method: hot water of 90℃-100℃.

Efficacy: cultivating energy, relieving fatigue, and fostering liver and eyesight.

Tea about: Chinese wolfberry can cause heat in the body, so don't put too many in the cup.7 granules are the best. Chinese wolfberry tea is not fit for ill-tempered people or people with weak bodies.

Tea for sobering

Suitable crowds: manual workers.

Materials: 5 grams of West Lake Longjing, 2 to 3 granules of longan.

Brewing method: hot water of 85℃.

Efficacy: stimulating energy, building and exploiting the mind, and being anti-radiation and anti-aging.

Tea about: You don't have to choose West Lake Longjing tea. According to your personal taste, you may choose Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, Liu'an Guapian, etc.

Tea for protecting the throat

Suitable crowds: teachers, smokers or passive smokers.

Materials: 5 grams of Tie Kwan-yin, 1 granule of Momordica grosvenori.

Brewing method:

1.Momordica grosvenori should be washed clean and then mashed. Add water and boil for 1 hour with moderate fire.

2.Quickly brew the tea with hot water and then dry up the water.

3.Brew Tie Kwan-yin with momordica grosvenori liquid. You can drink it after about 2 minutes.

Efficacy: sweeping away heat and moistening the lung, melting phlegm and ceasing cough, and relieving chronic pharyngitis.

Tea about: Momordica grosvenori tea has the best effect of sweeping away heat and moistening throat. It's very suitable for the people overusing his throat, and also good for smokers or passive smokers.

TTea for improving acuity of vision

Suitable crowds: students, those who frequent use eyes

Materials: 3 to 5 petals of dried chrysanthemums.

Brewing method: boiled water of 85℃.

Efficacy: nourishing the liver to improve visual acuity, clearing the inner heat and pathogenic fire, relieving eye fatigue.

Tea about: West Lake Longjing is not the only choice. You can also choose Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian tea, and Liu'an Guapian tea as you like.

Health Chinese wolfberry tea

Suitable crowds: men under great pressure

Materials: 5 grams of Pu'er tea, 7 granules of Chinese wolfberry.

Brewing method: boiled water of 90℃?100℃.

Efficacy: eliminating the fatigue, nourishing the kidney and strengthening QI, and fostering the liver and eyesight.

Tea about: If you do not feel like drinking Pu'er tea, just brew a handful of Chinese wolfberry using boiled water; when your eyes feel dry, add several patels of chrysanthemum.

Tea for soothing decompression

Suitable crowds: office ladies

Materials: 3 to 5 patels roses, 30 grams of angelica.

Brewing method: stew with water for 15 minutes, separate the juice out for drink, or directly brew with boiling water.

Efficacy: regulating vital energy and conditioning endocrine.

Tea about: White-collar women usually prefer to drink top grade green tea. Some of the symptomatic flowers and traditional Chinese medicine, such as rose, angelica, are also good choices when in bad conditions of QI and blood.

Stomach-warming milk tea

Suitable crowds: those suffering stomach pains

Materials: 5 grams of Keemun black tea, 250 ml fresh milk or pure milk, a small amount of honey.

Brewing method:

1. Brew black tea.

2. 3 minutes later, add fresh milk or pure milk.

3. While stirring with a spoon, add milk in and stir well before drinking. Friends who favor sweet food can put a little honey in.

Efficacy: wanning stomach and blood, calming the nerves, and whitening skin.

Tea about: Add milk as you preferred. Half milk and half tea is the general rule.

Tea for nourishing liver and skincare

Suitable crowds: beauty-conscious women.

Materials: 2 grams of rose fruit, 2 grams of rose calyx, 5 mint leaves, and 1 gram of German chamomile.

Brewing method: boiled water of 80 to brew materials.

Efficacy: nourishing the Liver and blood, whitening the skin, and soothing the menses.

Tea about: Rose fruit and rose calyx, containing a lot of vitamin C, are helpful for beautifying the skin to make it smooth and elastic, soothing the liver and energy, and regulating the menses. Chamomile is "the most gentle skincare strength." This tea is suitable for beauty-conscious women.

Herbal tea is actually flowers to be drunk purely and mixed with others. It can also be brewed with tea. The herbal tea should be standing still for 3 to 5 minutes prior to drinking. Invite several good friends and make a pot of beautiful herbal tea. While watching the flowers and leaves floating in the water, enjoy yourselves in busy life.