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Tea Cups & Coffee Cups For Sale, Buy Best Cups At Wholesal Price

Looking for that perfect tea cup? You'll love the looks of our global collection of coffee cups and bulk tea cups. We offer a wide variety of tea cups for sale around the world. We have the expertise in helping you choose the wholesale tea cups for your business. From our product selections you will see competitive prices and superior quality. From glass to ceramic to cast iron, buy tea cups symbolizes your dreams or puts your personality on display that look great on your shelf or desk. From whimsical to artsy to modern, shop now for the best tea cups. brings you the ultimate experience in drinking tea. Aside from brewing your favorite tea, our tea cups are great gifts for friends and families.

Porcelain cups and Ceramic cups can be filled with wine, water, tea and other kinds of drinks. Ceramic are made by some clay and inorganic non-metallic minerals though firing. It is used to decorate or protect the surface of a wall or the floor. When it was dried and heated to certain hardness, it will be insoluble in the water.

The characteristics of porcelain tea cups: the main raw material of porcelain tea cups is mud, not rare metals, so it will not waste the natural resources nor will it pollute the environment we live in. It is poison-free and environmentally-friendly, which represents our love for the Mother Nature.

The ceramic cup is durable, useful, and it is the outcome of dirt, fire and water. It has drawn energy from the great nature as well as from the human technology, making it a necessity in our daily life. The invention of ceramic is an important step in human history, since it was the first time for human to use natural material to create something ne with their own spirits. Judging from the ceramic discovered in the Hewan District, Yangyuan County, Hebei Province which belongs to the Palaeolithic Age, Chinese porcelain production has experienced a long history.

Categories of ceramics:

1. Mug: these porcelain cups with handles are mugs, and it is also called the ceramic coffee cups.

2. Ceramic cups for lovers: it is a double cup and there is a match of pattern on the cup. Also there are some loving words or pictures on the surface of the cups or the images of lovers. This cup is a perfect representation of love.

3. Energy ceramic tea cups: it is also called the healthy cups. In the production process, the muti-functional healthy porcelain has been made into this energy cup and further mixed with the glaze to become the glazed porcelain. Through glazing and firing under the high temperature and other making processes, the China Jade porcelain comes into being and a beautiful piece of porcelain is formed. The body of the porcelain is in conformity with the glaze, furthermore, it is anti-virous , easy to clean and helpful to keep the water fresh.