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Teapot Warmers of 2023 Trends

Tea warmers is a kind of accessories used to heat water with the function of keeping temperature constantly. It is divided into two categories: fire heated and electric heated. The most common seen is glass heating and constantly temperature electric tea warmers. And of course, there are of many other materials, such as: cast iron, ceramics, porcelain, silver and others. And of course, as for different materials, tea warmers if of different price. As for those made of silver is more expensive.

The open flame teapot warmer is generally made of stainless steel, ceramics and glass, and is composed of a tea stove, a bottom bracket, a candle or an alcohol lamp. Because the alcohol lamp or candle is used, the heating speed is slow, which is generally applicable to ceramic pots and glass pots.

The electromagnetic teapot warmer uses the electromagnetic heating technology, which has a fast heating speed and is suitable for ceramic, heat-resistant glass and cast iron teapots of different sizes and any specifications. As long as the teapot is flat bottomed and can be placed on the heating plate, it can be used for heat preservation and heating.

Yixing clay teapot is not suitable for the teapot warmer: if the open flame is used to heat the Yixing clay teapot, because the Yixing clay teapot is a double pore structure, which is easy to adsorb the odor. After the candle burns, part of the wax oil will evaporate. Close contact with the Yixing clay teapot will easily lead to the mixed taste of the Yixing clay teapot. The influence of electromagnetic heating on the teapot is minimal, but the heating effect will be very poor, and the water in the pot may not be boiled to the appropriate temperature smoothly. Because the induction cooker is heated by AC magnetic field, and this heating method is the best for metal utensils. Although the Yixing clay teapot contains metal elements, it is very little, and the efficiency of electromagnetic heating is also very low, so it is generally not recommended to use electromagnetic teapot warmer to heat the Yixing clay teapot.

The glass teapot warmer is usually equipped with a candle, which is lit to maintain the temperature of the tea. However, when using candles, especially after the candles have been burning for a period of time, pay attention to trimming the candle wick. The candle wick will gradually be exposed more and more because of the burning of the candles. If the wick is too long, it will easily produce smoke, which will make the glassware black. At the same time, pay special attention to fire safety. When using electric teapot warmer, pay attention to the power of the electrical appliances. Remember not to heat empty cups or put hot cups on cold tables, because it is easy to cause the cups to burst.

In fact, most cups in our daily life could be used for heating warmer, such as glass and ceramic cup with flat bottom, flower tea cup, single metal cup and etc. What need reminds is that those double deck glassed has the effect of heating insulation. So, including keep-warm glass, such double glass cannot match with tea warmers to be used. In addition, those cups with the bottom of the silica gel. As we all know that silica gel is not good at heat conduction. So it is can not to be used matching with tea warmer.

In colder regions, hot tea and coffee are indispensable to life. At this time, the teapot warmer is very important. You can put the unfinished tea and coffee on the teapot warmer, and you can enjoy the hot drink anytime.

For those who like to brew a large cup of tea at a time and savor it slowly, the teapot warmer is a great choice. By placing the teapot on the teapot warmer, you can save yourself the trouble of reboiling the water and making the tea.

For those of you who enjoy drinking tea or coffee at work, the teapot warmer is also very convenient, allowing you to drink hot tea or coffee while you work.

In addition to warm tea, the tea warmer can also be used to bubble those products such as coffee and milk, belonging to a very practical accessories. Actually, it is also a accessory with the feature with ornamental and interest, which inevitably will improve your life taste and add a feeling of romance to you normal life.