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Umi Tea Sets

Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot

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    Zisha teapot, an ancient artwork, has carried the inheritance and torch of Chinese tea culture for thousands of years. And this purple clay teapot is a masterpiece of ingenuity and artistic creativity. The whole body is carefully carved with embossed dragon and auspicious cloud patterns. The handle, spout and lid button are all in the shape of a dragon, forming a lively dragon Pattern picture scroll.

    The embossed dragon and auspicious cloud pattern on the body of the teapot highlights the profound connotation of traditional culture. Dragon, as an auspicious totem in Chinese traditional culture, symbolizes power, dignity and good luck, while auspicious clouds are a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness. The exquisite depiction of this pattern adds a layer of mysterious charm to the whole body of the teapot, making the teapot a unique work of art.

    The handle, spout and lid knob are all in the shape of a dragon, subtly incorporating dragon elements into the overall design. The dragon-shaped shape of the teapot handle makes it more comfortable to hold, and also adds agility and vitality. The spout is presented in the shape of a dragon, which is not only for practical considerations, but also adds a magnificence and uniqueness to the whole teapot. And the design of the cover button cleverly shows the expression of the dragon to the fullest, as if the dragon's mouth is peeping in the world, full of fun and interest.

    The production of teapots is made of high-quality purple clay, which is produced in Huanglong Mountain, Yixing. Its unique composition and texture provide a solid guarantee for the quality of the teapot. Purple clay not only has excellent air permeability and moisture absorption, but also can effectively maintain the freshness and aroma of tea leaves, adding a rich enjoyment to tea tasting.

    With its exquisite craftsmanship and vivid design, it brings a visual and taste feast to tea lovers. Whether as an art collection or for daily use, this embossed Longxiang cloud pattern purple clay teapot will become an indispensable and precious companion in your tea ceremony journey, bringing a wonderful taste experience.

    Made of: Yixing Purple Clay.
    Includes: Certificate, Gift Box.
    Dimension: Length 15.6 cm (6.14"), Height 9.2 cm (3.62"), Lid Diameter 5.7 cm (2.24").
    Capacity: 330 ml (11.15 oz). Teapot Maker:
    Wu Wencai, born in the town of Dingshu, Yixing City, has been captivated by the art of purple clay pottery since childhood. Upon entering the realm of purple clay pottery, driven by a profound fascination and dedication to this art form, Wu Wencai has diligently studied, explored, and innovated. Throughout this journey, he has received meticulous guidance from various renowned masters, leading to significant advancements in his skills in sculptural design and craftsmanship.
    Her creations exhibit a harmonious blend of elegance and freshness, seeking dynamism within tranquility, intricacy within fluidity, novelty within tradition, aesthetics within utility, and charm within refinement. By absorbing the essence of traditional craftsmanship and skillfully integrating modern techniques, his works brim with vitality and imagination, earning the admiration of teapot enthusiasts. Wu Wencai's pieces have been showcased and awarded multiple times in both domestic and international exhibitions. They have also been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, garnering widespread acclaim from collectors and enthusiasts of purple clay pottery.
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    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot
    Dragon Over Sea Purple Clay De Zhong Teapot

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