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Hawthorn tea is able to reduce fat and blood pressure, strengthen body's immunity, remove the harmful bacteria of gastrointestinal tract and prevent hepatocellular carcinoma. Men of fatty liver disease should take good care of their liver and hawthorn is a good choice for them due to its digestive, antioxidant and decreasing effects. It is a kind of health-care tea, made by hawthorn and tea leaves. It has a good tasty with sweet and a little acid, a flavor tasted in your children time at now. Hawthorn tea also has function of stomach-invigorate, lipid-lowering, dieting and etc. It is inevitable the best choice for lazy people as its could brewing directly. As a foodie, try to DIY a hawthorn tea for yourself right now.


Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

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