Heat Spent Tea Blend - COLORFULTEA

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Heat spent tea has effect in calming the nerves, and decreasing internal heat. It is absolutely a kind of good tea for you to heatstroke prevention. For modern people, their work and life live irregular, staying up too late to work overtime and without resting enough leads to physiological function disorder. Some girl who loves beauty will face breakout which present red and has a little of sore due to internal heat, bringing too many troubles to life and work. Due to stay up late to work overtime and the bigger and bigger work pressure, the heat spent tea will be the best choice for us to keep calm, regulating your body from inside to outside. I strongly advise you to take a cup of tea when you are free.


Weight: 5 G EACH BAG x 10 PIECES.

Includes: Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum, Licorice, Mint Leaf.

Quality Guarantee Period: 12 Months.


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