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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Shape: white, light green, complete in petal, and petals are of the same size.
Liquid: light yellow, transparent and bright. Aroma: fragrance and special smell of chrysanthemum.
Taste: pure and sweet, soft and smooth.
Brewed tea leaves: Tender yellow petal, transparent and bright, uniform color.
Recognizing: Differences between Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum and Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum: Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum is characterized with thick petals, relatively duller color, and usage in medicine. Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum is featured with light petals, brighter color, and usage in making tea. The petals of superior Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum are of the same size and complete. The fresh Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum is yellow. After it is wrapped, it turns light yellow or white. There is little sediment for chrysanthemum tea of superior quality. But certain amount is allowed for the tea being medicined.
Water temperature: 100℃ boiled water.
Tea sets: glass.


Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

This thirst quenching tea is great for relaxation and releasing stress. We recommend adding either rock sugar or honey to enhance the taste of the chrysanthemum tea. This tea is excellent in treating mild sunstroke and easing a sore throat. Because this drink is caffeine free, the Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum would be a perfect summer time drink for kids.

With big and white petal and complete shape, Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum emits fragrant and lasting smell of chrysanthemum after it is brewed. The tea tastes pure but a little bitter, smooth and soft.

The origin of tribute chrysanthemum

One year, a terrible draught hit Huangshan, numerous people got sick with red eyes and painful heads and felt miserable. At that time a businessman doing business outside for years return to his hometown of Anhui Province and brought back chrysanthemum from Zhejiang Province, He asked them to use it to make tea and drink it. Few days later, people's eyes were cured,and thus chrysanthemum was widely cultivated. For easier storage and longer usage, many farmers specially dried the flowers. The flower cured of eye diseases during the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Qing dynasty. Therefore Anhui chrysanthemum became well-known and was respectfully called "tribute chrysanthemum".

Better finish drinking the tea in 1-2 months

Don't store Chrysanthemum for a long time. You'd better finish drinking it within one or two months. After a long time storage, the flower will breed worms, and the taste and smell will also be affected.

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Very good
After receiving quite surprised, this price can buy such a high quality chrysanthemum tea, packaging is very careful, class, for their own use or gifts are very face, brew out of the color is very attractive, smell fragrant! Very satisfied, I bought two cans for myself feel lucky, one can in my home, one can in my office table, very convenient.
Review by Babbie / (Posted on 10/29/2019)
Happy Find
This tea is fragrant and has a pleasant, mild flavor. It wasn't easy to find Chrysanthemum tea, I've been searching for awhile. I first experienced it in a Thai restaurant in San Diego- they wouldn't sell it to me, tried other restaurant to, and none of them had it, so I'm thankful to Chinese tea Culture for this simple pleasure.
Review by Cactus / (Posted on 7/28/2018)

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