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The ripen Puerh Tea Cake from Meng Hai Yunnan is also known as Yunnan Seven Son Tea Cake. Quality Yunnan tea leaves are selected for post fermentation that allows the tea to fully ripen. The ripen tea are pressed into a pie or cake shape and allowed to age for 1 to 2 years. Doctors in Kunming reported that drinking this tea helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream remarkably. The ripen Puerh Tea Cake is nicely package in a gift box. This is a great gift for someone looking for a special tea delicacy.

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Weight: 357 g (12.6 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Home: Yunnan

Leaf: Dark burgundy and chocolate-brown, with an earthy aroma. Brew: Ruddy brown, clearer with quality, boasting a marvelously rich, complex flavor which includes hints of sweet jujube, osmanthus flower, and the minerals and plants native to Yunnan province.

Scoop: Shou pu-er can be kept indefinitely, whether in cakes, bucks, or round disks with embossed designs However, it must be preserved thus naturally, not with refrigeration or foil bags, and teaches its apotheosis of flavor after 20 years or so, Much of a shou pu'er's flavor is credited to the company which makes it, usually a family concern of long, local standing, with its own close-guarded secret process of fermentation.

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    I just got it, and have already bought another cake

    This is a very good, entry level, ripe pu'erh cake at a very decent price! Although I've been drinking and loving tea for decades, I'm essentially new to pu'erh teas, but this stands out so much among the ones I've tried so far, that even though I know I have more to try, I bought another cake. There is absolutely no hint of mustiness. The initial impression has punch, somewhat similar to a good coffee, but with more subtlety, and with smokiness, a strong hint of mushrooms, something reminiscent of walking in a forest the day after it has rained, and an aftertaste of honey. Subsequent steepings gradually lose the bracing effect, but become increasingly calming and centring, with a mild taste which still has the sweetness of honey.

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    Pu-Erh is one of those delights tea enthusiasts are well aware of. If you have friends who fancy themselves coffee drinkers or think tea is a little too boring for their palate, invite them over to share a pot of Pu-Ehr. They'll quickly change their minds.

    So invite a friend Invite two, Break out some scones or cookies and enjoy some time over a few cups of one of the most delicious teas you can share. Every time.

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    Puer Tea Cake

    This may be considered a cheaper Puerh tea by some, but I am really enjoying it. It has a full, earthy and nutty flavor with a slightly sweet finish, and can be brewed multiple times from the same small piece of the brick, so it's great for sharing or for refills during meals.

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