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  • Mao Xie Oolong Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Like many other Oolongs, this Southern Fujian Oolong should be prepared Gongfu style. This tea is similar to Ti Kwan Yin. It has a toasty and nutty taste with some slight fruity sweet aroma. The name of this tea comes from the downy hairs that cover its leaves. The Hairy Crab contains high concentrations of polyphenols; an agent shown to help reduce the risk of cancer as well as prevent heart diseases. Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).

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  • Ginseng Oolong Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Ginseng Oolong Tea is made by Oolong tea in high level to mix with Ginseng. So it is not only retained the special tasty of Oolong, but also joined the sweet and nutrition of Ginseng. As we see, its tea smell great, and taste thick. Ginseng Oolong Tea, whose tea water present the color of bright orange, taste thick and special, giving you the feeling of strong, fruity. And its aroma with ginseng flavor and fragrance, refreshing and delicious.Ginseng Oolong Tea do well in pharmacological effect, especially in health care, dissolve fat to reduce weight, etc. Such as keeping beauty, thirst quenching, the effect of that makes person, can not only absorb American ginseng nourishing, and experience the elegant scent of Oolong tea. Weight: 180 g (6.35 oz).

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  • Anji White Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Anji White tea, a kind of famous tea of the Han nationality. Anji white tea processed by the tender leaves of white tea according to the processing method of green tea, is a green tea category. Of course, it was not only a kind of rare species of tea bush, but also a very precious tea category. As the raw material is collected from a tea bush, which all tender leaves are present white, so, the Anji White tea present white. At the same time, Anji White tea also have the rule of protecting nerve cells, falling blood pressure, hematic fat and blood sugar, eliminating nervous and keeping calm, improving the learning ability and memory, improving women's PMS, enhancing the curative effect of anti-cancer drugs, weight loss, liver and radiation protection, and so on. Contrary to what the name of this tea implies, it is indeed a green tea. The name refers to the plants leaves, which are a very pale green and almost white. Still largely unknown in the West, it is highly appreciated in China. It has only existed, however; for about 15 years. The cultivar was originally created in the Anji region. However, in recent years it has grown in popularity so quickly that a lot of growers, anxious to take advantage of the trend, have started to use it We are now seeing teas of the Anji Bai Cha type appear in various regions of China. Anji White tea is a kind of rare variant of tea. It is made with the green tea processing technology, so it belongs to green tea. What's more, because of the unique characteristic it seems very precious.

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  • Rose Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Brewing difficulty: Easy. Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Pingyin of Shandong Province. Shape: Plump appearance, color symmetric. Petals are complete, big without impurity. Liquid: pink or khaki. Aroma: light. Taste: sweet and a little bitter. Brewed tea leaves: the petal turns to khaki slowly after infusion. Recognizing: High quality rose tea is weighty without impurities such as peduncles and powder. Low quality rose tea is light with a spot of impurities. High quality rose tea is plump, with even tinct and orderly petals.mHigh quality rose tea is fragrant without other smells. Low quality rose tea doesn't smell mellow. High quality rose tea's liquid is a little bit darker and pinker than green tea. If the liquid is too red, that means pigments are added. Brewed in glass: glass can let you have a good view, especially big glass, can release the rose freely. Temperature: 80℃. Times: warm water is the best, the infusion lasts 5 minutes.

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  • Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea - COLORFULTEA
    This Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea has a unique shape of a pearl and comes from Chinese province of Fujian. These hand rolled pearls consisted of both leaves and bud. This tea has a sweet flavor with a flowery jasmine aroma. Researchers in Japan found that people who drink green regularly have a lower chance of getting cancer or developing heart diseases. Dragon Pearl is a great tasting healthy tea to drink regularly. We highly recommend it.
    This splendid green tea, delicately scented with jasmine flowers, is a pure wonder. It comes from the province of Fujian and consists of the plant’s bud and top two leaves, which are then "rolled" by hand into the shape of a pearl. The liquor is very dear, almost crystalline. In the cup, it is the jasmine taste that wins out It is a tea that can be steeped three or four times. It is enough to put a few pearls in the bottom of a bowl and pour hot water over them; the beads open out and the whole leaf appears. After drinking a first infusion, one can simply pour more hot water onto the same leaves and sip the tea throughout the day.
    Water: 176°F (80°C).
    Steeping time: may be left to stand in a bowl or teapot.

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  • Jasmine Green Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Jasmine teas are traditionally made by scenting green tea with fresh jasmine flowers. The flowers are picked during the day but stored until the evening when they open to release their heady perfume. The tea is heaped with the flowerheads to allow absorption of the perfume. After several hours, when the heat produced by the tea begins to increase, the flowers are removed and the tea is layered with fresh flowers. This is repeated several times.

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  • Lapsang Souchong Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Brewing difficulty: General Difficult Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province Weight: 50g (1.76 oz) Shape: corpulent and tight strips, red brown color, and uniform luster. Liquid: the top grade is golden and golden circle inside the cup. Aroma: with obvious aroma of pine smoke. Taste: sweet fragrance like longan. Brewed tea leaves: brilliant red color, soft, tender, corpulent and thick. Recognizing: Lapsang Souchong is fumigated with pine needles or pine wood, with rich and thick aroma. It is one of the oldest kinds of tea in the world. Gongfu black tea is developed on its base. Lapsang Souchong is ideal for dishes mixed with curry and meat, so it develops into the world-famous afternoon tea in Europe. Shape: Superfine Lapsang Souchong black tea is with small bar. The first grade Souchong is with bigger bar while the second grade of Souchong is not as regular bar-shaped as the first grade, with some tea slices. Liquid: The soup is dark yellow. The top grade is with golden ring in the soup. The inferior is light, dark and turbid. Aroma: The superior smells thick and lingering aroma of pine smoke at the bottom of the cup. The inferior has slight odor of pine smoke and it is thin, short and varied. Taste: The superior tastes long and soft while the bad can make people have the choky and throat-cutting feeling. Water temperature: boiling water about 95℃. Tea sets: the purple sand teapot or small pot, and small cup to drink.

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  • Huoshan Yellow Bud Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Brewing difficulty: Easy. Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Huoshan in Anhui Province Shape: straight and slightly open, even, in shape of tongue of sparrow, tender green, covered with pekoes. Liquid: yellowish green and clear, slightly with yellow circles. Aroma: clean aroma with chestunt flavour. Taste: heavy mellow and sweet. Brewed tea leaves: tender yellow and bright. Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz). Recognizing: For the authentic Huoshan Yellow bud tea, people can feel sweet in tongue root after they get the tea down; otherwise, it is the fake tea. Its moisture is only about 5%, lower than other famous teas. It turns into powder when being rolled. The fake is not such dry. It smells clean aroma, flowery flavor, or chestnut flavor. The aroma varies with different climates in different places. Yellow bud tea has the flowery flavor in Wumijian, Bailianyan; clean aroma in Jinzhuping, Taiyangxiang flavor in Wuji Mountain, Dahuaping town. Tea sets: glass. Water temperature: about 80°C.

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  • Rose Puerh Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Gift Box: Tin Box With Wooden Lid. Brewing Difficulty: General difficulty. Best season to taste: Summer. Origin: Yunnan Province. Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz) Aroma: old fragrance with scent of rose. Shape: tea cake, tight strips with rose. Taste: taste mellow, with the fragrance of rose. Brew Tea Leaves: Puer is maroon, rose is tender petal.

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  • Ripened Puer Tea Cake - COLORFULTEA
    The ripen Puerh Tea Cake from Meng Hai Yunnan is also known as Yunnan Seven Son Tea Cake. Quality Yunnan tea leaves are selected for post fermentation that allows the tea to fully ripen. The ripen tea are pressed into a pie or cake shape and allowed to age for 1 to 2 years. Doctors in Kunming reported that drinking this tea helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream remarkably. The ripen Puerh Tea Cake is nicely package in a gift box. This is a great gift for someone looking for a special tea delicacy.

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  • Darjeeling Black Tea TGFOP1 - COLORFULTEA
    This is a black tea with whole and even-sized leaves, and a scattering of golden leaves. It comes from the very beautiful garden of Puttabong, which enjoys an international reputation. This Darjeeling estate dates to 1848. Its first seedlings were probably brought back by Robert Fortune himself from one of his expeditions to China. After standing, this tea is a light orange color, its taste woody and mild. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is best drunk plain. Water: 185?F (85?C) Steeping time: four minutes

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  • Mengding Ganlu Tea - COLORFULTEA
    Brewing difficulty: Easy Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Mengding Mountain of Mingshan County in Sichuan Province Shape: curl shape and obvious fuzzy tips. Liquid: yellow green and bright. Aroma: fresh, tender and fragrant. Taste: sweet and cool. Brewed tea leaves: yellow green and soft. Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz) Recognizing: There are various Mengding famous teas, such as Ganlu, Huangya, Shihua, Yuyechangchun and so on. Among them "Ganlu" is the best. Its quality characteristics are beautiful shape, uniform leaves, tight and curl fuzzy tips, tender and green color, thick aroma, and sweet taste. The liquid is yellow and green, clear and bright. And brewed tea leaves are even, fresh and bright. Brewing method: top-putting brewing method is appropriate. Water temperature: 75℃-85℃ is appropriate. Tea sets: porcelain and pottery wares are best, followed by the glass. Storage: Put Mengding Ganlu into the food packaging bags which is thick and with high density and high pressure without unusual smell. Then put them into the freezer or cold room. Temperature should be controlled between 3℃ to 6℃. Metal tins, boxes, cans and sealed bag are also appropriate. Place them in a cool dry place at a low temperature.

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