Throat And Lungs Nourishing Tea Blend - COLORFULTEA

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Now as we all know that the air quality of our living environment is very poor, the more and more people begin to smoke, and often work in a room with air condition, are you feel the mouth dry. Or after a day of working, studying, are you feel the throat itchy, voice hoarse or uncomfortable. From now, prepare a cup of Throat And Lungs Nourishing Tea for yourself. Let it become a couple with us in our daily life and make it to accompany us all day to be in a good mood. Taking a cup of tea per day, being happiness all day.


Weight: 5 G EACH BAG x 10 PIECES.

Includes: Honeysuckle, Lily, Mint Leaf, Momordica Grosvenori Flower.

Quality Guarantee Period: 12 Months .


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