1992 Qi Tse Beeng (Circulated Overseas)

1992 Qi Tse Beeng (Circulated Overseas) - Tea Review - N

Zhou Yu: Right from the first steeping this tea burst forth in a precious aroma. I could tell it was a nice tea. The liquor did become weaker over time, but I found the smell and flavor delightful enough to forgive this. I wish it was a bit denser and stronger, though.

Lu Li Zhen: I found this tea to be just average. There was some bitterness that wouldn't go away and I thought that it was too rough for my liking. It wasn't awful, but I wasn't as interested in the last sample as I was some of the earlier ones.

Chen Zhi Tong: The aroma of N was rather weak, I had to lean in and smell the liquor and the gaiwan lid, but it was a very nice smell when I did. It smelled of honey. The liquor was beautiful, but not too rich. I found that the assemblage of flavors in this tea were very nice, but a bit too loose. I would have ranked it higher had it been stronger.

Chen Gan Bang: This tea had a strong fragrance of aged tea with plum and camphor. This lovely fragrance gathered on the gaiwan lid elegantly. Although it had this nice aged smell, the stimulation of the liquor and aroma were actually rather weak. The liquor was reddish-brown. There was some slight sweetness in the tea and a little hui gan too. I felt that this tea would be nice to enjoy now or to store for several more years. If I stored it, I would do so very dry and slowly. I gave it a 92 because I found that it was very nice in most every area.

He Jing Cheng: The liquor of N was bitter and slightly rough. The leaves were very nice, mature and complete. It had nice patience. The flavor didn't transform as nicely as some of the others. I thought it was average when compared to some of the better samples in this review. I ranked it 11th.