1992 Chung Cha Brand Big 5 Iron Beeng

1992 Chung Cha Brand Big 5 Iron Beeng - Tea Review - M

Lu Li Zhen: This tea had a smell and flavor that reminded me of Chinese herbal medicine. There was some bitterness and a slight roughness that released in the mouth right away and lingered in the aftertaste. It wasn't the best of the teas we had in this review.

Chen Zhi Tong: As I poured the water over the first steeping of this tea I noticed a typical aged aroma right away - charmed by a slight hint of camphor whispering in the background. There was an obvious rough bitterness in the tea, but it transformed almost immediately, changing right in the mouth before one even swallowed. The tea remained stable throughout the whole session and left me feeling that it was a good tea indeed.

Chen Gan Bang: M had a slight smell of aged Puerh, with hints of camphor and plum. These nice aromas were stronger in the dry leaves than in the steeping tea. The liquor was brown and sorrel, but not dark enough to be unclear. It tasted a bit rough and bitter. The tea was rich, active and expanded throughout the mouth. It transformed very quickly, though, leaving a slight sweetness (hui tian) behind. In the aftertaste, the whole mouth was filled with the fragrance of camphor. I would love to own this tea. I would look forward to its fermentation with great anticipation. I gave it a 94 because I thought it was good in every area.

He Jing Cheng: This tea was rather nice. It didn't have any of the unpleasantness some of the other samples had. It was slightly rough, but changed rather nicely. The leaves were nice and tender, showing plenty of potential for the future. The patience was excellent. I thought this was a really good tea. I ranked it 4th.