1996 Purple Da Yi Qi Tse Beeng

1996 Purple Da Yi Qi Tse Beeng - Tea Review - K

Zhou Yu: I really liked this tea. I preferred it over many of the other samples. In the first steeping, it wasn't very bright, but the flavor slowly started expanding in all the subsequent steepings. I like that kind of tea. It permeated my mouth with a pleasant yun and stayed in the throat for some time. I would store this tea in my collection.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea was fragrant and sweet. The bitterness stayed at the root of the tongue for some time and expanded slowly. I liked this transformation. I enjoyed drinking this tea.

Chen Zhi Tong: The sensations in the mouth that K offered were rich. There was a lot of buds in the leaves, which leant it a thick and satisfying sweetness beyond the bitterness of its youth. It had a nice, strong aroma. The hui gan lasted a long time. I really enjoyed this tea.

Chen Gan Bang: K had a strong aroma, with some depth beyond the immaturity of some of the previous examples. The liquor was a deep, dark red. It tasted overly bitter. The bitterness was too dense to transform, lasting for a long time on the tongue and upper palate. I would definitely collect this tea, but I wouldn't drink it now.

He Jing Cheng: K was very bitter and slightly unsmooth. The leaves were all fragmented bits. The patience was good. The flavor didn't really transform, remaining bitter all throughout. I personally felt that this tea wasn't very enjoyable, though it may be worth looking into in future years. I ranked it as 10.