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1996 Chen Chun Ya Hao - Tea Review - L

Lu Li Zhen: This tea was too loose and light. There really wasn't much to say about it beyond that. I didn't like it or dislike it because it was like drinking water.

Chen Zhi Tong: The aroma of this tea was nice, rich and smelling of honey, but it didn't smell like Puerh tea. It smelled more like Wuyi tea unroasted. The leaves were long, plump and very nice looking. This is definitely a curious sample. The cha yun was average and the aftertaste was crisp and pleasant in the throat. I found that I enjoyed this tea and am excited to see what it is.

Chen Gan Bang: The fragrance of this tea was sweet and young. There wasn't much stimulation when smelling it and the same would be true of its liquor when drank. It did sooth me and make me feel comfortable, though. It was moist and caused salivation, though I didn't think the yun or hui gan were particularly strong at all. I rather enjoyed this tea overall.

He Jing Cheng: The liquor of this tea was dense and rich. It tasted bitter, rough and had a slight sour edge that became more discernable in the competition brewing. The leaves were very nice - mature, complete and robust. I thought that this was an excellent tea. I ranked it 3rd overall.