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1998 Yiwu Mountain Big Leaf (Red Piao) – Tea Review - H

Zhou Yu: This tea has definitely had some storage. There was a definite "warehouse" odor even in the dry leaves. The aroma when brewed was good and the tea did have some nice depth, but I found the liquor a bit stagnant. I think the storage was a bit too much for my taste, leaving the tea weak and flat.

Lu Li Zhen: The aroma of this tea wasn't bad, but it was just too weak in flavor. I could barely taste it, even in competition brewing. I couldn't really find any inherent flaws, other than its weakness, or anything to merit drinking it again either.

Chen Zhi Tong: This tea hadn't had good storage at all. The fermentation was a bit too strong for a tea of this age. It should have been taken out of the warehouse for a while before drinking. It might have been better that way. The flavor fluctuated around with each steeping. In the end, however, I found myself feeling as if I didn't mind this tea. It did have a bit of storage, and the flavor changed a bit too much, but the yun and hui gan were both very nice actually. It was also occasionally sweet in a nice way. I wouldn't say it was a great tea, but it wasn't terrible either.

Chen Gan Bang: The aroma of this tea was tender, with a very slight camphor smell. The ageing process was well on its way. I think it had the aroma of excellent teas on their way to becoming great vintages. It smelled of aging Puerh, and there's nothing like that smell in the world. Its liquor was slightly amber. It was moist and sweet, and the yun in the throat lasted a long time. The hui gan was just right, lasting neither too long or passing too quickly. What impressed me most, though, was that it still had a young flavor while still being aged. This strong sense of change, in my experience, usually heralds a great vintage in future years. It made me warm and comfortable after drinking it. I would definitely enjoy this tea again.

He Jing Cheng: I tasted a strong jerky astringency in this tea. It is still very active. The leaves were mature and complete. The patience was good. The flavor transformed nicely, but was occasionally weak. I liked it when it was strong enough and was disappointed when it wasn't. I ranked it 9th.