1998 Red in Red Ribbon Qi Tse Beeng –

1998 Red in Red Ribbon Qi Tse Beeng – Tea Review - G

Zhou Yu: This tea seemed flexible to me. The yun moved throughout the. mouth,focusing primarily on the front of the mouth. I felt some hui gan on my tongue, but it too seemed to be capable of strength or weakness intermittedly.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea seemed lighter than all the others. It was also the roughest on the throat. I didn't enjoy it at all. I just couldn't get past the roughness.

Chen Zhi Tong: G's aroma was average. The hui gan and cha yun were both strong and vigorous at first, but later became weaker. This tea was magnificent at first and later became feeble. Usually, great teas should remain stable throughout the whole session.

Chen Gan Bang: The aroma of G was immature and restrained, but I knew right away that it was a high-quality tea. The liquor was deep amber. Still, there was an obvious roughness in the tea and it was lacking in the richness of a truly excellent tea. However, it did make me comfortable from the first cup. I also detected a mysterious flavor in the aftertaste that expanded through my mouth. The yun was fine and there was nice hui gan after each sip. Overall, I was both pleased and intrigued by this tea in equal measures.

He Jing Cheng: The liquor of this tea was more bitter and rough. The leaves were small and a bit broken. The patience was good, but I wasn't impressed by the flavor. I thought that beyond the roughness the tea also didn't transform as well as some of the others. I ranked it as 8.