88 Ching Bing Mo Tai Ban YUNNAN CHI TSE BEEING CHA TEA (Kept in Artifical Bin) - Tea Review - B

88 Ching Bing Mo Tai Ban YUNNAN CHI TSE BEEING CHA TEA (Kept in Artifical Bin) - Tea Review - B

Zhou Yu: I felt that this tea was the wettest of all the teas in this discussion. It has nearly no character at all, though I feel that the leaves are nice. Its liquor is much stronger than the previous tea, and the wet storage has made it sweet. If one isn't concerned about the lack of sensations (cha yun) then this tea is very drinkable now. I also think it still has a chance to transform if it is stored longer. At least its sweetness is a virtue.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea's aroma is very normal. It tasted slightly bitter and rough. It had a strong flavor of storage. I prefer a smoother tea.

Chen Zhi Tong: Another typical product of Menghai, I think. I would also guess that it has been stored in Hong Kong. It has that typical taste of Hong Kong wet-stored tea. The liquor is reddish-brown and smelled a bit like plums, also with a hint of camphor. The Qi was much stronger than A, but there weren't any sensations in the mouth. There is an apparent distinction between its aroma and cha yun, and I consequently didn't feel anything while drinking it. It smelled nice but the yun was flat. I think it is suitable for drinking now, despite its flaws.

Chen Gan Bang: The cake is more solid than the previous one. The leaves are a deep reddish-brown, typical of teas that have been wet-stored. The dry tea doesn't have a strong aroma, lacking any unique smell other than that of the warehouse, which is just further evidence that it has gone through a period of wet-storage. Still, I would like to stress the fact that just because it has had some wet-storage in no way means that it is poor quality. One must judge the tea by drinking it. As I brewed the tea B, I found that its wet-storage aroma was very slight, and was washed away after a few steepings. If it was removed from the humid environment it had been stored in up until now, it could indeed transform into a nice tea. The liquor is dark and smooth. It tastes a bit sweet, though the hui gan is weak. The lack of hui gan and sensations in the mouth and throat are probably due to the wet-storage. Its quality is just average. Brewed in a large teapot for daily enjoyment, it wouldn't make such a bad tea, so I gave it a 68.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves are compressed. I thought the tea was very patient. The liquor was dense and strong due to some wet-storage. I didn't rank it as high as the previous tea. This tea seemed to lack a character of its own.