92 Ching Bing YUNNAN CHI TSE BEEING CHA TEA (Chiao Shiao Bin) - Tea Review - C

Zhou Yu: This tea has a decent aroma with aspects that I could appreciate. It also had a bit of hui gan. I experienced sensations flowing over the back of the mouth. The cha yun and Qi both lasted for quite some time, though I wouldn't call them strong. I thought it was the second best of all the teas in this discussion.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea's aroma is fresh. The liquor tasted sweet. However, It did have a bitterness that wasn't altogether pleasant, and wasn't smooth enough either. I thought the sensations were pretty good in the mouth, but I still don't think this tea is good for drinking right now. I think it will be better after it has been stored for quite a bit longer.

Chen Zhi Tong: This tea was drier than the previous ones. In fact, I think the fermentation is still active. The liquor was sorrel with hints of green. The aroma was strong and fresh, with hints of orchids and yet again camphor. I thought the liquor was a bit loose and sour. The sensations in the mouth were pretty strong, but a sense of wholeness just wasn't there. The sensations were magnificent at first, then quickly feeble. I think its aroma and hui gan were its strongest points, while the disappointing yun was the weakest.

Chen Gan Bang: The cake was a bit solid, but thick. It had buds that were all golden from being aged. The leaves looked clean and oily. I smelled plums, like in sample A but blander. The leaves also seemed more compressed than A. The plum taste in the tea was rather charming. It had a slight aroma of aged qing bing, with the vibrancy of a younger aged tea - splendid combination in my opinion. The liquor was amber colored, like a young dry-stored tea should be. It was a bit rough on the throat, but this lack of smoothness is due to the fact that it is still active and has plenty of fermentation to go. Later it will be smooth and deep. I think it is better than A. Despite its roughness, it has great storage potential which is always a bonus in my book. A tea which is enjoyable and has the chance to one day be a great tea is a nice find, indeed. Therefore, I gave this tea a 95.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves were more compressed. I found the patience to be very nice. It lasted a long time. It was a bit rough on the throat, though. I'm not a big fan of teas that aren't smooth.