92 Chung Cha Fan Tie Bing Puerh Tea Cake

92 Chung Cha Fan Tie Bing Puerh Tea Cake - Tea Review -D

Zhou Yu: I thought this was the best of all the teas in this discussion. The hui gan and yun were both more abundant than the others. The liquor was denser and the Qi flowed down the throat and stayed in the chest area. I think that this tea has some ancient tree leaves blended into the cake. It coated my throat and made me feel comfortable. A tea with leaves from old trees, handmade and twisted lightly, will sometimes taste lighter in its initial years. It will gather depth and strength as it ages. The liquor will get thicker and denser. "Light" doesn't mean that it isn't dense. I associate the term with flavor. This tea is "light", but it also has density and thickness. Many old-tree teas are both light and abundant.

Lu Li Zhen: This tea's aroma was special. I thought it was very different from the teas we've tasted so far. It was smooth and sweet. I did think that the yun was a bit lacking, however.

Chen Zhi Tong: This tea has been stored very well. Judging by its characteristics, I think it is a Xiaguan product. The liquor was reddish and smelled a bit like honey (yes I smelled a hint of camphor again). The sensations in the mouth were nice and abundant. I think this tea is a worthwhile addition to any collection. It was sweet enough and had nice yun. I didn't feel it as much in the throat, but I would forgive that. I think this tea has great potential.

Chen Gan Bang: The cake smelled again of plums. It was solid, like a tie bing (iron disk), oily and reddish in hue. The flavor also tasted of plums, fresh ones, and honey. I also smelled some wet-storage in the liquor but this may also have to do with the fact that it is probably a tie bing. There was also a nice, soft and sweet hui gan. This tea could be brewed and brewed for a long time, and I tasted more and more of the fermentation activity as the session went on. Tie bings take longer to ferment. The greatest fault of this tea was that the flavor was a bit flat. Still, I think it has some good storage potential if kept for a long time so I gave it a 90.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves are compressed nicely and all still intact. It had nice patience, lasting for quite some time. I found it to be a bit sour, though. It was better than many of the teas in this discussion, but not my favorite.