92 Meihai Shiao Fang Chuan Tea F - Tea Review - F

92 Meihai Shiao Fang Chuan Tea F - Tea Review - F

Zhou Yu: This tea's flavor was light. Its liquor had a bit of hui gan and was slightly thicker and denser. The ten years or so of storage in this cake have not been enough. It needs a lot longer to transform more, but it is an acceptable tea in my opinion.

Lu Li Zhen: I thought the aroma of this tea was flat. It tasted sour, bitter and wasn't smooth. It needs much more time to ferment. I thought it had more faults than strengths.

Chen Zhi Tong: This is a typical dry-storage tea. By the appearance of the small piece I got, I think that it may be a brick tea, possibly even a small, square brick. When steeped, the liquor was reddish and presented a mixed aroma of honey and orchids. There was an abundant amount of sensations and they were all nice. I think the tea leaves are similar to that which is in the "Small Green Mark" cakes of the period. As I drank it, I couldn't help but find the tea simple and honest, with some nice features like sweetness. I did feel that the transformation in the mouth was a bit monotonous, though the sensations were good.

Chen Gan Bang: The majority of this cake is buds. Just by appearance, I can tell that it has gone through good, clean storage. It smelled like plums. The aroma from the dry leaves was very crisp and fresh. When I steeped it, the aroma of plums lingered on the gaiwan lid, with hints of honey. It smelled slightly bitter, soft and yet vigorous. This kind of aroma will be attractive to many Puerh critics and connoisseurs. As the session continued, the fragrance of honey became more and more apparent. It caused salivation and made my body warm and comfortable. I enjoyed this tea and gave it an 88.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves of this tea were broken into little pieces. It was very patient. The aroma was focused and consistent. The liquor was clear and fresh, tasting sweet with nice hui gan. I enjoyed this tea more than all the other teas in this discussion.