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92 Guang Yun Gung Bing Tea E - Tea Review - E

Lu Li Zhen: This tea's aroma was mediocre. Still, it did taste a bit sweet and had some cha yun, too. Nevertheless, I felt that the flavor was rather weak and that it wasn't smooth enough.

Chen Zhi Tong: I think that E is a Guan Yun Gong Bing. It has had decent storage. The liquor was reddish-brown. It smells as if its fermentation is complete. The alteration in the mouth was a bit chaotic, though. The yun wasn't consistent. Even the sensations reminded me of Guan Yun Gong Bings, light and vigorous both. It also had the characteristic sourness. I wouldn't call this a high-quality tea, but it's not terrible either for everyday consumption.

Chen Gan Bang: The cake is a bit loose and light. The leaves suggest a Guang Dong Bing. The color is deep red and black, showing that it has fermented more than other teas we have sampled in this discussion. Nonetheless, I couldn't detect any wet-storage smells from the dry leaves alone. Its aroma was a bit sour, though fresh like ripe fruit. Some of the leaves floated, and the aroma was weak; the quality not apparent. Its color was also dark for a tea without a wet-storage smell. At first I thought it might even be a shou cha, but the smell and taste just weren't there. It also tasted of sour, ripe fruit, and strangely enough, I actually found myself enjoying the flavor as the session continued. It was sour, but also slightly crisp. There was some hui gan and sweetness, but they were both weak. I found it similar to sample 88 Ching Bing Mo Tai Ban YUNNAN CHI TSE BEEING CHA TEA (Kept in Artifical Bin), but I liked it better so I gave it a 75.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves of this tea were large and compressed nicely. It had good patience. The liquor was loose and light. I ranked it as seventh of all the teas we tasted in this discussion.