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92 Xiaguan Yi Ji Tuo Cha - Tea Review - H

Zhou Yu: This tea has had some wet storage, but It's still active. The liquor even tastes a bit active, though it didn't have much character to speak of. It did have a little hui gan. It could be a tea thought of as something to drink now or something to store.
Lu Li Zhen: I found this tea to have a very flat aroma. There were some sensations in the mouth, and astringency that suggested some activity still occurring in the fermentation process. I would rather store this tea for a later time than drink it now.

Chen Zhi Tong: The liquor of this tea was reddish, clear and showed that it has had decent storage conditions. It smelled sweet with hints of age. It tasted light, slightly sweet and smooth. There was some strength in the cha yun, though the sensations in the mouth were rather similar every sip which proved to be boring. I found this tea to be average.

Chen Gan Bang: The cake had a darker tinge, as if slightly wet. However, it smelled clean with hints of age present in the aroma of the dry leaves. After brewing, there was a slight smell of storage and astringency both that hovered about the gaiwan lid. It also had some pleasant smells, like an older Puerh. The liquor was deep red. It had the kind of abundance that Puerh lovers like myself are sure to enjoy. It was gentle, warming the body and making me feel comfortable. The sensations weren't always smooth, but often transformed into a sweet aftertaste that lingered. I thought it was better than sample G and gave it an 83.

He Jing Cheng: The leaves of this tea were also broken apart. It was patient, lasting for quite some time. It had an abnormal transformation in the mouth that I didn't particularly enjoy so I ranked it lower.