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A Brief Lexicon of Tasting Tea

Ample: Round texture, generous liquid, quite long in the mouth.
Aromatic: Rich in aroma, very fragrant.
Astringent: Pungent, hand or full-bodied character; creates a drying feeling in the mouth.
Biting: Describes a feeling of astringency that is acidic and strong.
Body: Describes a texture that has presence and coats the mouth.
Bold: Possessing a well-defined, instantly discernible character
Brisk: Possessing great liveliness with a touch of acidity.
Complex: Very rich in aromas with many subtle qualities.
Delicate: Light, refined.
Fresh: A liquid that gives a feeling of freshness, sometimes a little acidic.
Full: Quality of a liquid that fills the mouth and has persistence.
Fullbodied: Possessing body.
Generous: Supported by a rich, aromatic intensity.
Heady: Rich and complex.
Heavy: Fragrance that is felt in the back of the mouth, dense.
Intense: Strong, powerful presence.
Light: Supple and without body.
Long: With a long finish; the quality of a well-structured liquid.
Mild: Silky, supple, velvety, not astringent, sometimes associated with sweet.
Opulent: Rich, round, heady fragrance.
Persistence: Describes an aroma that is long in the mouth (after taste).
Powerful: With a lot of strength, fullbodied.
Pungent: Creating a feeling of astringency that is harsh and coarse.
Raw: A sightly acidic liquid.
Refined: Possessing delicacy and subtlety.
Robust: A strong constitution with a lot of body, powerful.
Rough: A liquid that is too astringent and is unpleasant.
Round: Describes a supple, silky, slightly tannic liquid that fills the mouth.
Runny: A supple, smooth liquid with little body.
Sharp: Brisk, slightly acidic character narrow and incisive; may be delicate or robust.
Short: Possessing aromas or savors that quickly fade.
Silky: Describes a liquid with a supple texture.
Smooth: Light texture without roughness.
Structured: Well-structured tannic liquid, full and strong, fullbodied but not coarse.
Subtle: Refined and complex.
Sustained: An aroma with a persistent presence.
Tannic: Describes a well-structured liquid that creates a pleasant feeling of astringency.
Unctuous: Thick, mellow, very round texture.
Velvety: With a thickness reminiscent of velvet.
Vigorous: Slightly acidic character without softness.
Warm: Round, comforting liquid with no acidity.
Watery: With a texture like water.
Young: Describes a rather green character, immature, sometimes a little acidic.