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Bamboo-Wood Tea Set

Bamboo-Wood tea set is made of natural bamboo. It had a long history in China and first appeared before the Sui Dynasty (581-618). At that time, besides the ceramic and porcelain utensils, most folk tea sets were made of bamboo-wood. In Chapter Four: Tea Set of his Tea Sutra, Lu Yu listed out 28 kinds of tea set and most of them were made of bamboo. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a bamboo-woven tea set appeared in Sichuan, which was composed of an inner body and an outer casing. The inner body was normally a ceramic or porcelain tea drinking utensil. The outer casing was made of sinocalamus affinis (a kind of bamboo). Through chopping, opening, rubbing, and evening, the soft bamboo threads thick as human hair were made. After baking and dying, the threads were woven into a casing for the inner body based on its shape and size. Together, they formed an integrated tea set. Such tea set wonft scald hand and its outer casing can effectively protect the inner body. Bamboo-woven tea set is an art work that has practical values. Its major varieties include teacup with and without handle, saucer, teapot, and tea tray. They are often made as a complete set.