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Lacquer Tea Set

Lacquer tea set is made with natural lacquer tree sap added with the desired pigment. Lacquerware had a long history in China. Wood-based lacquer bowls were found from the Hemudu Culture Relics dating back to 7,000 years ago. However, bodiless lacquerware was not used as tea set until the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Lacquer tea set is Mack, moist, delicate, bright-colored and dazzling, and clear as a bright mirror. Involving the art of calligraphy and painting, lacquer tea set has both practical value and artistic appreciation value. Among the famous lacquer tea sets are Beijing carved lacquer tea set and the bodiless lacquer tea set made in Fuzhou of Fujian Province, and Poyang and Yichun of Jiangxi Province.

Bodiless Lacquer Tea Set

Most bodiless lacquer tea sets are black. There also the ones in yellowish brown, brownish red, and dark green. They are light, beautiful, and bright, and performs well in enduring water immersion and resisting high temperature and acidic and alkali erosion. Bodiless lacquer tea set is made through a complicated procedure. Firsts a wooden or earthen model set is made based on the design requirements of the tea set. Then, it is painted with cloth or silk fabric and applied with several layers of paint ash. Next, the model set is taken off, which is followed by several other steps such as ash filling, painting, grinding, and decoration. After all these steps, an elegant bodiless lacquer tea set is made.