Brewing with Tea Bags

Brewing with Tea Bags

The advantages of tea bags are:

• ease of brewing one cup of tea at a time.
• speed and lack of fuss in brewing.
• ease of removing the tea from the infusion once the brew has reached the required strength.
• no danger of loose leaves blocking pipes and drains.
• extremely useful for brewing large quantities of tea for large gatherings.

The disadvantages of tea bags are:

• the contents usually consist of smaller pieces of leaf which give a stronger, quicker brew, but lack the subtlety and fine quality of larger loose leaf tea.
• tea bags can release too much tannin, too quickly, giving a harsher brew.
• tea bags lose their flavor and quality much more quickly than loose tea; loose tea keeps for up to 2 years, tea bags keep for only 4-6 months.

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