The Gold Rules of Tea

The Gold Rules of Tea

1 Use loose leaf tea that has been carefully stored and a suitable teapot. Fill the kettle with freshly drown cold water from the faucet or filter jug and bring to a boil.

2 When the water is nearly boiling, pour a little into the teapot, swill around, and then pour away.

3 Put into the pot (or into an infuser inside the pot) 1 teaspoon tea per cup (this amount will vary according to the type of tea and personal taste).

4 Take the teapot to the boiling kettle and pour the boiling water onto the leaves. Do not allow the kettle to boil for too long, N.B. When brewing white or green tea, use water at a temperature of between 158℉ and 203℉, not boiling.

5 Put the lid on the pot and leave to brew for the correct number of minutes, depending on the type of leaf. If using an infuser, lift it out of the Chinese teapot as soon os the infusion has reached the desired strength. Alternatively, decant the liquor into a second warmed pot. This separates the liquid from the leaves, and avoids a bitter taste developing.