Ceylan Uva Adawatte Black Tea

Region: Uva
Harvest season: July to October
Cultivar: Assamica hybrid

Sri Lanka is blessed with a terroir that is ideal for the cultivation of tea and an expertise inherited from the great tea plantations of India. The Uva region is traditionally famous for its high-grown grands crus. Although it is grown at a slightly lower altitude, the low-grown garden of Adawatte has shown astonishing energy and dynamism, contributing to the revival of quality teas in Sri Lanka. This tea is produced from the leaves of pure Assam hybrids planted in the 1930s, and it is processed following the orthodox methods that have established the reputation the teas from this classic terroir.

Tasting notes: The dark, beautifully regular leaves are twisted and hardly broken. Infusion releases an exceptionally aromatic bouquet and creates a bright vermilion liquid. The nose combines woody and fruity fragrances with accents of molasses. In the mouth, the slightly acidic attack is reminiscent of sun-dried tomato. The round liquid against a woody background develops a gentle bitterness. Mild peppery aromas and minty notes of wood tea and eucalyptus form a surprising combination in the full mouth feel. A tonic personality with an astringent finish.

Recommended infusion accessory: A glass tea cup.