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Nepal Fikkal Certified Organic Green Tea

Region: llam
Harvest season: April to June
Cultivar: Yabukita (Japan) and AV2 (Darjeeling)

The Nepalese tea industry produces mostly black teas. This plantation is entirely devoted to the cultivation of organic green tea, making it an unexpected find A recent project, it is a collective effort on the part of a group of resolute growers who planted a small garden with hybrids of trees from Japan and the nearby region of Darjeeling. The tiny processing plant was built and equipped with small Japanese machines. This unusual project is still in the experimental phase, but its long-term goal is to produce high-quality green tea on Nepalese soil. Several varieties of green tea are available, but Nepal Fikkal offers a surprising "Japanese-style" tea.

Tasting notes: Infusion of the small needle-shaped leaves releases a rich herbaceous bouquet that is lightly iodized. The clean very pale-green liquid has a discreet vegetal nose. Round in the mouth, it gives off sharp aromas of fresh grasses with a slight bitterness, revealing shades of ash and cocoa. Notes of green bean and celery form the heart of this vegetal palette. The finish leads into a delicate astringency with notes of minerals and sea air.

Recommended infusion accessory: A Japanese tea cup.