Infusing Keemun Black Tea with Glass Pot

Infusing Keemun Black Tea with Glass Pot

Preparation of tea sets / fair cup, glass pot, tea cups, tea basin, tea holder, tea caddy, tea props, and tea tray.
Preparation of water / about 95℃ boiling water.
Selection of tea / Keemun black tea.

1. Put the boiling water into the pot, to warm it and then into fair cups, and finally into tea cups from fair cup, warming cups one by one.

2. Fetch tea from teapot, and put tea with a teaspoon into the glass pot.

3. Inject a small amount of water into the pot, and quickly pour water into the tea basin.

4. Directly pour water into the glass pot till it is full, soaking 2 to 3 minutes.

5. Clip tea cups and pour tea soup into the tea tray.

6. Pour the soaked tea liquid into fair cup, and pour it completely without any drops left.

7. Divide tea liquid of fair cup into each cup and pour water into the tea basin.

Tea About

In terms of the traditional English afternoon tea, delicate tea snacks are available on three-layer basket: on the bottom are bar sandwiches accompanied by smoked salmon, ham, cucumber in a mayonnaise; the middle is English muffin with jam or cream; and the most delicious and pleasant seasonal fruit towers. Take these tea cakes from bottom to top.