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Infusing Unfermented Pu'er Tea with Purple Sand Teapot

Preparation of tea sets / purple sand teapot, tea tray, tea holder, tea cups, tea caddy, and tea props.
Preparation of water / about 100℃ boiling water.
Selected tea / unfermented Pu'er tea

1. Fetch proper amount of tea from the tea caddy and put it into the tea holder.

2. Pour hot water into the purple sand teapot to warm it.

3. Pour the water from the purple sand teapot to tea cup.

4. Put some tea from the tea holder into the pot.

5. Pour water directly till water just overflows the spout, scrape off the foam, and cover its lid.

6. Warm each tea cup and pour the water out.

7. Distribute tea soup from the purple sand teapot to each tea cup.

8. Taste the tea.

Tea About

1 As Pu'er tea is thick, if s the best to use the pottery with big belly.

2 Pu'er tea is long-fermented, so it's necessary to moisten it to educe the nature of the condensed tea and get rid of savor.

3 For the tight compressed Pu'er tea cake, use the tea knife or needle to get certain tea leaves and toss into small pieces.

4 Add honey, dried flowers, or dried tangerine peel to Pu'er tea as you like.