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Inscription of Cheng Shouzhen Teapot

Cheng Shouzhen (1865-1939) was a famous potter during late-Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Period, and he was a laborious, earnest, productive artiste, he won lots of prizes for his works. The ball teapot, Dabin imitated ancient teapot and some other famous teapots are still studying and imitating models for lasers until now.

About the stuff of seal as "eighty-two years old man make a teapot and win the Excellence Awards on the Panama Brands and Products Expo", author ever investigated and interviewed the grandson of Cheng Shouzhen, this old man said," this seal was after won the excellence prize of Chicago International Exhibition in United States, the Republic of China next 21 years, an enthusiast sent this one to my grandfather after finished" Because he had no idea on how old he was, what prize he won at this time, he carved the two other prize of previous on the seal. If we count on the age of seal, it was definitely wrong.

Cheng Shouzhen used lots of seals in his life, common used as "Shouzhen", "Binxin Taoist", "Zhenji".

The big ball teapot which collected in Yixing Zisha Crafts Corperatioii nowwadays was a work of Cheng Shouzhen's, with "Shouzhen" square seal in seal letters, carved the "Binxin Taoist" round seal inscription on the bottom in seal letters.