Inscription of "made by Tie Hua Studio" on Purple Clay Teapots

"Tie Hua Xuan(studio)" is a company which located in Shanghai for engaging with potteries especially at beginning of 20th century, its major business was exporting the general goods to Europe, Japan and southeast of Asian, The products are famous the decorative calligraphy, paintings.

The founder was Dai Guobao who used to be a famous carved porcelain maker. He used the metal needle carved and painted the flower pattern on tiae porcelain, so called bis company as "Tie Hua Xuan", so as to make dear his professional characteristics. At beginning of 20th century, his intersting changed from carved porcelain into carved pottery, since he bought pottery in Yixing, and added the decoration in his own company. The marking of company was "made by Tie Hua studio",the square seal as "Dai" was the inscription of owner, he also inscribed as "Yu Ping" and "Yu Daoren". The works in Tie Hua Xuan included the potters, the companies and the owners and so many other seals and signature. Tie Hua Xuan last for a long time according to the handed down works.

Gu Jingzhou as an editor in chief of book value and appreciate on Yixing Zisha", on the 163 page," weight square teapot" was a work of Tie Hua Xuan, carved "Yaoting" inside of teapot, and the seal on the bottom is square in seal letters as "made by Tie Hua Xuan".