Interesting Story About Tea

Interesting Story About Tea

Drinking tea instead of wine

Three Kingdoms by Chenshou in Jin Dynasty had the records of such a story: whenever the king Sunhao held a banquet, the guests were asked to drink at least seven liters. One minister called Weiyao was very erudite, and won the appreciation of Sunhao, but he was not a numerous liquid drinker, less than two liters. Sunhao worried Weiyao might make a fool of himself secretly gave him tea instead of wine. The story indicates from the Three Kingdoms period tea had become a drink. Today it is, always brought up and "Drinking tea instead of wine?regarded it as a generous, elegant move.

A well-known story

about Buddhism: go and drink some tea
About one thousand years ago, two monks from afar were attracted to the Kwan-yin Temple in Zhaozhou, expecting to learn from Zen Master Cong Shen. Master Cong Shen asked the first monk: "Have you been here before??The monk answered: "Never." Master told him: "Go and drink some tea!" Then, he asked another monk the same question. The second monk answered: "Yes, I have." Once again Master told him:" Go and drink some tea!" The owner of the temple standing next to him was puzzled: "They had different answers, but why you let them both do the same?" Again Master said:" Go and drink some tea!"

This is the most classic tea story, "Go and drink some tea!" Zhaozhou is County Zhao, located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. About the story "Go and drink some tea", different people had their own understanding. That is the so-called "'Zen-tea integration": life in tea, Zen in tea. The truth of Zen will be hidden in the tea and in our lives.