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Tea To Culture

Tea and dance

In the process of sado, music is used for the creation of artistic atmosphere, because classical music highly regards sentiment, selfentertainment and life, which can help people to improve their personalities. The music is carefully selected for inducing people to rediscover natural spirit and humanistic spirit. Music can create a beautiful atmosphere by bringing natural beauty into tea drinkers' soul and echoing with hidden beauty in them.

Tea dance is a dance art regarding the production and drinking of tea as the theme and content. It is tea culture deriving from the theme culture of that tea production and tea drinking.

Tea and Chinese Opera

Many fork art forms were primarily performed in teahouses. Actually the primary performance stage of fork art forms and opera were focused on attracting tea drinker and selling teas.

Operas focusing on sado description had played an important role in the culture of tea later. For example, the opera the Story of West Garden leads people into a specific environment with the opening sentence "bought tasty wine of Lanlin and cooked the newly-produced tea of Yangxian". As the development of opera, "tea-picking opera" as an independent genera of opera produced, such as tea-picking opera in the south of Jiangxi Province, tea-picking opera of Nanchang, tea-picking opera of Jingdezhen and tea-picking opera of huangmei town, which significantly enrich people's cultural life.