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Li Shan Oolong Tea

Translation: Pear Mountain
Production area: Tachung at an altitude of 6,550 to 7,900 feet (2,000 to 2,400 m)
Harvest season: May and October
Cultivar: Qing Xin

The little village of Li Shan is nestled in a magnificent landscape. It is surrounded by mountain slopes covered in pear, peach and apple orchards. In fact, tea has been cultivated for less than 20 years in this region and is not the principal crop, although it is certainly increasingly popular. The tea gardens are planted at very high altitude, up to 6,550 feet (2,000 m). At this altitude, growers plant long grasses between the rows to protect the tea trees from winter frosts.

Tasting notes: Once they are rinsed, the leaves release appetizing odors of melted butter and caramel flan. A flood of floral aromas combining peony, white lily and hyacinth arises from the infusion. This heady bouquet is finished with notes of brioche and barley sugar. The full liquor, swelling with persistent floral aromas, has a pleasantly oily texture. The finish carries a long aftertaste of flowers and candied zest. This is an elegant sophisticated tea reminiscent of the most beautiful spring days.

Recommended infusion method and accessory: The gong fu cha technique and a zhong or teapot.