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Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea

Translation: Tea of the four springs
Production area: Mainly Nantou, at an altitude of 650 to 2,600 feet (200 to 800 m)
Harvest season: March to November
Cultivar: Si Ji Chun

It is said that Si Ji Chun is a natural hybrid resulting from a crossing of Qing Shin Dapan and Qing Shin wulong cultivars. Approved in 1981, it was discovered by chance in northern Taiwan by a farmer from the Mucha region. The Si ji Chun variety offers certain ad-vantages: it adapts well to various soil types; it provides up to five harvests per year; and its leaves release heady floral fragrances. These positive characteristics explain its growing popularity and the spread of its use on the island, on the plains as well as in the mountains.

Tasting notes: The explosive floral bouquet releases aromas of lilac, narcissus and hyacinth. The swelling floral attack is enriched with notes of spice and fresh grasses mixed with delicate aromas of browned butter and candied fruits. The texture is rich and unctuous, and the finish offers a long, sweet aftertaste.

Recommended infusion method and accessory: The gong fu cha technique and a zhong or teapot.