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New Shape Yixing Ware

About the deduction of traditional ceramic arts should be the considerative integrant elements of contemporary potters and ceramists. In contemporary art as the background, not to be restricted by the traditional crafts, abandoning the traditional pot art functions to searching for the new materials and medias of art creation, expressing the new views and the social concern of their own, these mean that the teapot art have already taken a step up towards the pure art field.

* Two pieces of series of five-colors clay teapots, Moder times, Lu Jianxing, Lu Wenxia made. The works of five-colors clay teapots are the prior works to give up the traditional concepts and searching for the characteristics of representations in the developed processing of Yixing purple clay teapot in contemporary ceramics art. The maker deduces the concepts of teapot to a low point and uses the complete different modeling and kneading methods without traditions, assembles the informations and patterns freely and casually, put the beauty and interests into the teapots.

* Olympic - Gymnastics, Moder times, Wu Ming made. The people is the archetype, to exaggerate and assemble, to become an applied vessel, and showing with assisting props, getting the extreme personality. The maker had tried a variety of materials, the managements on surface effects, the mature moulding skills always take a top position of profession fields in many years.

* Kneading teapot series, Moder times, Wu Guangrong made. The work give up the traditional functions, pay lots of attention to the teapot concepts, understating the techniques. He always use the familiar concepts to illuminate our surroundings and society, to concern and consider in this way.

The resplendency of Yixing teapot arts also attracts the favour of great number of foreign ceramists. The America ceramist Notkin, rebuilts a larruping style of Yixing purple clay teapots. He uses some serious problems as the subject contents for creations, such as the fear of death, urban plague, the hostage crisis in 1981, the unknown dangers of nuclear capabilities, etc.

* Mortgaged heart teapot, Moder times, Notkin made. This phenomenon is the reflection of modem industrial civilization. In industrialized society, mass production caused many aspects are almost machine-made. Products have no personality, and of cheap, thrown them away after used. In this social environment, the emotional, spiritual, personality of people are repressive, people could not find the mirror which can reflects their own images. Everyone feel shocked. In this industrial civilizational environment, on the one hand, we have had rich materials, on the other hand, our spirits shrinked and our soul could not find the end-results. Actually, the heart of our flesh and blood have mortgaged to reality.

* Refrigerant towers teapot, Moder times, Notkin made. This work is inspired by two Yixing purple clay teapots which strung together, and it composed by two refrigerant towers. When you put hot water and tea into these two refrigerant towers, it raised a cold and austere question on the unknown dangerous energy. The managements of flow-mouth and cover button are all remind people of the experimental bomb exploded and generated scenarios, then give people the feelings of terrors.

* Jerlun teapot, Moder times, Jerlun made. An European dummy teapot arts turned into reality in Yixing.