Taoist Tea Connoisseurs Drank Tea to Preserve their Health

Taoist Tea Connoisseurs Drank Tea to Preserve their Health

Taoists, who were called immortals, paid great attention to preserving their health. They believed that tea could ensure good health and a long life. The immortals deified the Taoist ideas, and tailed them Taoism. The main precept was to discard all desires and worries from one's mind; the best method of preserving one's health was by keeping one^s body and mind extremely peaceful .there were several ways to cultivate vital energy to reach the ideal state:

1. using the deep breath in the pubic region to regulate one's passages through which vital energy circulated;

2. reposing one's thoughts in nature or a part of the body;

3. imagining the brilliance of sunshine, rain and dew, and stars sprinkling one, washing one clean, and getting rid of diseases;

4. eating health food.

Because tea could help adjust one's mind, keep one's head, improve digestion, and dredge the channels, it became essential to Taoists. Zhu Quan, a famous expert of tea culture of the Ming Dynasty, often drink tea while eating fruits and pine nuts when he cultivated himself in the mountains. The Taoist method was consistent with the science of channels and collaterals and the pharmacodynamics of traditional Chinese medicine Taoists advocated adjusting one's mind and physiological functions through drinking tea, which was their special contribution to tea culture.